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Lottoland, is the world’s leading online lotto provider, launched in 2013 with Headquarters in Gibraltar. As of today, Lottoland employs over 400 people, has over 18.5 million customers, and is active across 15 territories. The primary aim of Lottoland is to internationalize the lottery space while simultaneously infusing it with choice and innovation.


What products does Lottoland provide?

Simply put Lottoland can be broken down into two clear divisions – Lotto Betting and Gaming.

What is Lotto Betting?

Lotto Betting can be understood as a derivative on a lottery, whereby the Lotto Betting operator is mirroring the prize tables, jackpots, game rules and high margins of the conventional lotteries. However, generally Lotto Betting products have no connection or relationship with the underlying conventional lotteries and Lottoland is solely responsible for paying out any winnings.

In order to be able to pay out the prizes, Lottoland has built a sophisticated and bespoke risk pooling and insurance infrastructure. This enables Lottoland to satisfy large jackpot wins, through either (i) its own cash and/or certain multi-layered insurance arrangements with several insurers and reinsurers or (ii) third party retail contracts.

These insurance arrangements have enabled Lottoland over time to offer even higher jackpots than the conventional lotteries as well as drive product innovation further through a series of proprietary stand- alone products and add-ons, such as ‘DoubleYourJackpot’ which as the name indicates allows customers to win double the amount of the advertised jackpot (for an extra fee).

The main advantages of Lotto Betting for customers are: (i) access to the jackpots of overseas lotteries that they are unable to play unless they were visiting that country, (ii) the ability to always play the highest jackpots in the world as and when they arise wherever they arise, (iii) exposure to a series of other innovative and proprietary lottery-style games and add-ons, (iv) all the conveniences of playing online in those countries where Conventional Lottery tickets are not sold online (v) superior tech, user experience and customer service and (vi) the opportunity to win large pay-outs irrespective of the stakes and in certain instances also higher than the jackpots of the Conventional Lotteries (‘Special Jackpots’).

What is Gaming?

Lottoland also offers a complementary range of instant win, scratch cards, casino, bingo and sports betting content to its customers through its Gaming Vertical. A key aspect of Lottoland’s strategy focuses on cross-selling Lotto customers from the Lotto Betting and Digital Retailing verticals into the Gaming Vertical.

Lottoland’s gaming content includes inter alia instant lottery games, instant win games, virtual slot machines, live casino games, classic table games such as blackjack and roulette and sportsbetting. The outcome of the gaming content is decided by RNGs that determine if and how much a placed bet wins.

On average, Lottoland rolls out circa 50 new games per month, including games from top suppliers such as Evolution, Microgaming, and Pragmatic Play. Much of Lottoland’s games catalogue is available in 9 languages. Lottoland works with a number of leading suppliers to develop exclusive content which is only available on our websites, and which is a strong tool to retain customers.

Lottoland started offering sports betting in 2019 and the vertical is now live in 6 languages across 14 markets, offering bets on over 500,000 sporting events per year.

In 2020 Lottoland started offering multiplayer bingo games 24/7 in UK and Ireland. Lottoland’s bingo product is provided by Pragmatic Play, a leading gaming provider. Lottoland plans to expand its bingo offering into other markets in the coming months.

The main advantage for our customers is that they are able to enjoy all these different lotto and Gaming products on one website which is not only more convenient but also far safer as they can better monitor the time spent as well as the amount of money wagered.