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In November 2018, during Responsible Gaming Week, Lottoland launched P.A.R.E.N.T – an educational ‘Youth Gaming’ Awareness Program for Teachers, Parents and Children:

The new campaign devised by Lottoland, in conjunction with Government education officials in Gibraltar, has been launched to help mitigate the risks posed by online gaming trends among young people today.

Lottoland’s P.A.R.E.N.T initiative will support parents, educators and youth representatives across the board to educate, inspire and empower young people to not only stay safe online but also strike a balance between ‘online’ and ‘offline’.

Designed to help all those involved in youth gaming ‘stay on their game’ with regards to online risks, the scheme is being rolled out in conjunction with Gibraltar’s Department for Education following initial consultation with teachers, NGOs and other stakeholders based locally.

Focusing on six key behaviours essential for responsible gaming, discussions held ahead of the campaign’s launch during Responsible Gaming Week (Nov 1 – 7) have led to plans for teachers to work with parents and help them get their children to ‘Switch off to Switch on’.

These six key areas are:

P – Parent
A – Awareness
R – Responsibility
E – Environment
N – Nurture
T – Trust

Although not directly involved in the delivery of social gaming, Lottoland’s commitment to the promotion of responsible behaviour online is one the company takes extremely seriously. As a leading online betting site based in Gibraltar, introduction of the PARENT scheme is just one of many ways in which the company seeks to provide ongoing support to the community around it.

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