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Lottoland is not only the fastest growing but also one of the world’s leading online gambling operators. Customers from across the world are able to bet on a huge range of products, including some of the biggest jackpots in the world. In addition to this, Lottoland offers a wide range of special features such as giving customers the ability to shield their numbers ensuring they have the whole jackpot to themselves regardless of how many others have the same winning numbers (“NumberShield”). These special features give customers the chance to win bigger payouts than they otherwise would have.

We are international, highly creative and innovative. Our offering is revolutionising a market that for decades was stale and turgid. At the core of our offering is our desire to give our customers the best jackpot experience out there. In doing so we are redefining the way people think about winning big jackpots. The unrivalled level of choice and freedom of play are just two of the reasons people are choosing us.

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Thanks to the B2B arm of our business, Lottoland Solutions, we can now offer other operators the opportunity to offer bets on jackpots. Lottoland Solutions integrates Lottoland’s jackpot betting games to operator platforms, with multi-million jackpots guaranteed by Lottoland’s unique proprietary risk management.

Through a simple integration, operators can offer players a new product that is high margin, intuitive to play and driving huge interest from players around the world. Let your players bet on some of the world’s largest jackpots using our jackpot betting solution, all guaranteed by our proven risk management structure. Contact [email protected] to speak with us.