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Aussies ready to roll with Kenow!

By 06.06.2016November 23rd, 2018No Comments

Due to legislation coming into effect in 2019, we can no longer offer lottery betting and as such some content may no longer be relevant.

Punters shoot for $1 million every 4 mins!

The world’s most unique and continual lottery has landed Down Under!

Just like the 4-minute mile would never be reached until Sir Roger Bannister famously lowered the clock in 1954, now 62 years on the planet’s first 4-minute lottery has hit overdrive!

Kenow – on-line and at the fingertips of players through – is a lottery where customers simply bet on the outcome, and incredibly is drawn every four minutes!

From a total of 70 numbers, 20 are drawn out each time, and players can chose anywhere between a single number and 10 numbers. The more numbers you match, the higher the possible winnings.

„By marking your numbers, you are simply placing a bet on the outcome of each draw every four minutes,“ Lottoland Australia’s Managing Director Luke Brill explained.

„Select any amount of numbers from 1 to 10 you wish to bet on from a pool of 1-70, and decide how much you want to stake for each game. You can start at just $1.00 and go up from there.

„For example, a stake value of 1 on a game with 10 numbers costs $1.00, with a maximum winning prize of $100,000.00; 2 with 10 numbers costs $2.00, with a maximum prize of $200,000.00; and so on up to a maximum stake of 10 for $10.00 and a maximum prize of $1 million!“

Every four minutes, every day of the week, the balls come out from approximately 2.34pm to 7.54am (AEST). That’s 80 individual draws a day, or 560 a week!

Mr Brill believes this easy-to-play and very affordable rolling-style lottery betting is the next big thing. „It’s always said you must be in it to win it, but many new account-holders at Lottoland are still awestruck they are in it hundreds of times over, and all from the legal comfort of their own home.“

The online lottery world – for so long out of reach for Australian residents – has become a revolution in 2016 since was awarded a watershed five-year licence by the Northern Territory Racing Commission to offer online betting services on the outcome of State & International

lotteries across Australia. It means residents here can legally play instead of having to travel to the country of lottery origin.

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