An open letter to Australian Newsagents

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Due to legislation coming into effect in 2019, we can no longer offer lottery betting and as such some content may no longer be relevant.

Dear Newsagent,

I am writing on behalf of Lottoland Australia to update you on the Federal Government’s recent announcement regarding online lottery betting – and to make you an offer we believe will be good news for your business.

As you would be aware, the Government announced last week its intention to effectively ban online betting on lotteries and keno, a move supposedly designed to protect newsagents.

The reality is that the proposed legislation could make life even more difficult for newsagents while reducing choice for hundreds of thousands of customers.

To be clear: Lottoland Australia does not offer betting services on Australian lotteries. We sell no products that newsagents sell. We do not compete directly with you and we have no intention of doing so in future.

In fact, no one has come up with credible evidence that actually proves that Lottoland Australia has taken sales away from newsagents.

We want to partner with newsagents to provide our customers with greater choice, in a way that will be fair and profitable for your business.

Last year, in discussions with the associations that represent newsagents, we made an offer to share our revenue from secondary lottery betting with newsagents.

That offer not only stands but I am prepared to improve it: We will offer newsagents a 20 per cent commission on the profits from every bet they refer to Lottoland.

I understand the difficulties faced by your business, due in part to technology. Such disruption is now the norm globally, as evidenced by the rise of Amazon, Uber and AirBnB.

Another financial threat to you is Tatts continuing to promote the digital sale of its products, such as Powerball and OZLotto.

According to Tatts‘ own figures, their digital sales increased by a massive 30 per cent in the half year to December 31 – money Tatts has diverted away from newsagents and other small businesses.

If passed, the legislation proposed by Canberra will cement Tatts‘ monopoly, which is not good news for newsagents – or for customers.

We believe in giving our customers more rather than fewer choices.

We believe in a level-playing field that encourages rather than restricts competition and innovation.

That is why we want to work with you as a true business partner.

It’s time to talk.


Luke Brill
Chief Executive Officer
Lottoland Australia

PS: You can contact me at [email protected]

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