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1: What is Jackpot Betting?

When you place a bet on one of Lottoland’s Jackpots you’re placing a small stake for the chance to win a huge return.

You pick the numbers you think will be drawn and if you’re correct, you will win the Jackpot. Lottoland also runs ‘special jackpots’ where you have the opportunity to win even bigger payouts.

2: How can you be sure to get paid by Lottoland if you win?

Firstly, Lottoland is fully licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government. In order to be granted such a license in the first place, Lottoland was required to prove its financial strength to the relevant regulator who needs to ensure itself that anyone who wins through Lottoland will be paid out in full.

The Northern Territory Government is the same regulatory body that oversees some of Australia’s biggest gambling companies. Lottoland is held to the same standards as these other companies and hence is required to pass rigorous inspections on a regular basis. For more information on what licenses Lottoland holds please go here.

Secondly, over the years, here at Lottoland we have become professional risk managers. We have developed an insurance model that enables us to guarantee the payment of all winnings, even in the hundreds of millions.

Lottoland will payout on all lower tier wins directly from its revenues from sales. Larger pay-outs are covered by its insurance model. At the heart of this insurance model are fully collaterised Insurance Linked Securities. Insurance Linked Securities are similar to catastrophic bonds or cat bonds which are used to re-insure against natural disasters.

In April 2015, Lottoland became the first company to capitalise on the Gibraltar government’s recently introduced financial services framework for Insurance Linked Securities. We have the top institutional Insurance Linked Securities investors as our counterparts, these include renown financial institutions.

3: How much money have Lottoland Australia players won to-date?

Since we started our players have won over $30.5 million.

In the event of a big win which is to be paid out by the Insurance Linked Securities there is pre-agreed loss verification process which PricewaterhouseCoopers will carry out.

4: Why not just bet somewhere else?

Our offer is very different than others. When you’re placing a bet on one of Lottoland’s Jackpots you’re placing a small stake for the chance to win a huge return.

Our betting model also gives us the freedom to offer our players free bets, special offers and unique features such as Double Jackpot or Numbershield.

We can also offer ‘special jackpots’ which means that sometimes we can boost jackpots to a level much higher than the regular amount.

Please go to the section on Offering for further details on our products.

5: What other benefits are there for the players at Lottoland?

At Lottoland we believe in delivering value to our customers. We also offer a range of unique features, such as DoubleJackpot that allows our players to win twice the jackpot available. Another great add-on which Lottoland offers is Numbershield, this allows our customers to keep 100% of the jackpot should they win, even if there are other winners. In addition to this we offer a rewarding Refer a Friend scheme and a range of other unique player offers.

6: Can I trust Lottoland when sending my private documentation?

We can assure you that when playing on our website your data will be processed to the highest safety standards. itself gets only the last four digits of your card number.  The full details are stored by our payment service provider Adyen ( Adyen must undergo stringent tests by Visa and MasterCard to be certified in accordance with PCI DSS and to enable it to handle the payments annually. 

You can see the corresponding certificate at the following URL:

In addition, Lottoland itself is regulated by the Northern Territory Government. As part of its licensing obligations, Lottoland is subject to strict scrutiny to ensure the safe processing of customer and payment data.

7: Is Lottoland ahead of the game on mobile?

Seventy percent of our player base is now on mobile, making it our most important channel. We’re absolutely committed to becoming leaders in this area and the progress we have made has already been recognised – in June 2015 we were awarded ‘Best Lotto App’ at the Gaming App Awards in London.

We’ve got a highly dedicated and talented product development team who take an omni-channel approach, ensuring we are able to stay ahead of the curve both on mobile and online.

8: Who are Lottoland's customers?

That’s the great thing about Lottoland, it has universal appeal. Everyone at some point or another in their adulthood has thought about what it would be like to win a massive jackpot.

Our product is for everyone who has ever thought about winning a huge jackpot, and is interested in more choice and other alternatives. Our customer base is therefore very varied in terms of age, sex and nationality.

9: How does Lottoland contribute to the community?

Despite Lottoland’s youth, we have already made charitable contributions, exhibited by our $50,000 donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service during our sponsorship of Darwin’s iconic Million Dollar Mitchell Street Mile.

The sponsorship of the event continues Lottoland’s policy to support local communities, further demonstrated in its current partnerships with the NRL’s Manly Sea Eagles and the AFL’s Sydney Swans.