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A Lotto Revolution

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Lottoland launches hourly draw games with Jackpots up to £160 Million

Leading online lotto operator, Lottoland has today launched a revolutionary new range of lotto jackpots called “GO!” – a brand new product, offering players a chance to win huge jackpots every hour.

The first GO! product is EuroMillionaire GO! – a game in the familiar and popular 5/50 plus 2/12 format. The jackpot of EuroMillionaire GO! will match the EuroMillions jackpot, so prizes can reach £160 million. The current jackpot is at a HUGE £121 million. The big difference is that Customers can win Lottoland’s jackpot every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For just £2.50, players can bet on this draw and – best of all – if they don’t match any numbers, Lottoland will give them their money back! The money back guarantee isn’t an offer nor a promotion, but a fundamental change after introducing a new “match no numbers” prize tier.

The second GO! product 6 / 49 GO! is based on the classic and much loved 6 out of 49 draw, with a jackpot that follows the German Lotto 6aus49 jackpot which can climb to over £25 million and can be won when a player’s bet matches all six numbers and the ‘super number’. For just £1 players can bet on this exciting new draw, which also offers players a chance to win on ten different prize tiers. Alongside 6/49 GO!, Lottoland has also launched three additional bonus games – Lucky 7s, Super6 and Monthly Moolah – all of which increase your chances of winning every hour.

EuroMillionaire GO! is now available at , and will soon be followed by 6 /49 GO!

Lottoland is able to expand its portfolio with high jackpot GO! products thanks to its innovative Random and insured Number Generator (RiNG™). RiNG™ allows customers to win huge jackpots instantly – with the prizes being insured through Lottoland’s own insurance infrastructure, which is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) in Gibraltar in accordance with EU insurance legislation. Lottoland is the first and only company in the gaming sector to have established its own insurance company – holding itself up to the highest standards with regards to industry best practice and transparency.

Lottoland’s CEO Nigel Birrell said, “Gone are the days of having to wait for a Friday night lottery draw to have a chance of winning a multi-million-pound jackpot. Our players are always on the go so we have developed an instant win product to meet their needs. We know also many people are fed up with traditional lottery matching no numbers week in, week out and having an unrewarding experience. So, the gamechanger for players is our additional “match no numbers” prize tier, stacking the odd’s massively in favour of the player over traditional lotteries. For EuroMillionaire GO! it reduces the odds of any win to 1 in 2.1 which compares to 1 in 13 for the traditional EuroMillions lottery. Lottoland is all about delivering innovation and giving a more rewarding experience so believe strongly players will see the value and convenience of our revolutionary new GO! range.”

Lottoland Australia offers profit deal to newsagents

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5th April, 2018 – Lottoland Australia is offering a profit-sharing deal to 4000 newsagents across the nation in return for in-store promotion of the online betting giant.

It’s touting commissions of 20 per cent of the profits generated from bets by punters who nominate their local newsagent when they register with Lottoland.

“Lottoland does not offer bets on Australian lotteries but only on overseas lotteries, which means we do not compete directly with newsagents,” CEO Luke Brill said on Thursday.

The offer, which is being made on an opt-in basis, comes after talks last year with the newsagency industry.

It’s being touted as an improvement on the initial idea to share Lottoland revenue from secondary lottery betting.

In return, newsagents will be asked to advertise Lottoland in-store with promotional materials, such as posters and flags, for betting on international lotteries.

“We are proposing a model that puts cash back into small businesses,” Mr Brill said in an open letter to newsagency operators released on Thursday.

The federal government in March introduced legislation to ban so-called synthetic lotteries, in an effort to protect newsagents and state and territory revenues generated by the traditional form.

South Australia has already banned synthetic lotteries and the Northern Territory has banned betting on Australian lotteries, while Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and WA are considering introducing legislation.

Although nothing has eventuated, the NSW government is concerned punters believe they are taking part in a lottery when they were actually betting on the outcome of a draw.

Lottoland Australia is the local arm of the Gibraltar-based global group and has more than 650,000 registered customers in Australia.


Originally published by The Daily Mail

Lottoland Australia offers 20pc commission in final plea to newsagents

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5th April, 2018 – The controversial online lottery outlet Lottoland Australia has made a final pitch to offer newsagents a 20 per cent commission, in a desperate attempt to win support as a ban on its product closes in.

Luke Brill, chief executive of Lottoland Australia, said he wanted to partner with newsagents to provide customers with greater choice, in a way that he said would be fair and profitable for newsagents.

“Lottoland does not offer bets on Australian lotteries but only on overseas lotteries, which means we do not compete directly with newsagents,” he said.

The Gibraltar-headquartered company announced today that it had offered the 4,000 news and lottery agents across Australia a profit-sharing agreement, which Mr Brill argued, if accepted, would ensure wider choice for customers and additional revenue for newsagents.

The offer would see newsagents receive 20 per cent of profits generated from every bet on overseas lotteries that they referred to the NT-licensed Lottoland, which the company said could be worth thousands of additional dollars a month to individual newsagents.

In an open letter to newsagents published in newspapers today, Mr Brill said that in discussions with the association that represented newsagents last year, he had made an offer to share revenue from secondary lottery betting with newsagents. He said the latest offer improved on that original proposal.

Mr Brill added that a recent proposal by the Federal Government to effectively ban online lottery betting would not help newsagents, arguing that it would manifest Tatts’ monopoly through its parent company, Tabcorp.

The Turnbull government introduced legislation late last month that would ban betting on lotteries and keno games, which are known as “synthetic” lotteries. Communications Minister Mitch Fifield is confident the law will pass the Senate soon after the May budget.

“The challenging times faced by many newsagents relates in part to technology and in part to the way Tatts continues to push the digital sale of its products on their own website, taking revenue away from the newsagents,” Mr Brill said.


Originally published by The Australian.

Lottoland Australia takes a bet on sharing

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5th April, 2018 – BETTING outfit Lottoland Australia has made a last-ditch plea for newsagents to support it against a Turnbull government plan to ban the company, offering to pay up to a fifth of its profits.

The move, in an open letter from Lottoland Australia chief executive Luke Brill, comes just days after Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said he would legislate to ban betting on all foreign lotteries and keno games.

“The proposed legislation could make life even more difficult for newsagents while reducing choice for … customers,” Mr Brill wrote. “If passed, the legislation … will cement Tatts’ monopoly, which is not good news for newsagents — or for customers.”

Mr Brill said he would “offer newsagents a 20 per cent commission on the profits from every bet they refer to Lottoland”.


Originally published by The Daily Telegraph.