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  • Former TOWIE star posed as the iconic image of Britannia found on the £2 coin to promote Lottoland’s EuroMillions price freeze
  • customers can still bet on the EuroMillions for £2 following Camelot’s increase to £2.50
  • price freeze could save customers over £100 a year or more
  • offering new customers free bet on Friday’s £109m* EuroMillions jackpot

Why pay more to win big? Online lottery betting provider has teamed up with Jess Wright to announce it will freeze its EuroMillions price at £2 following Camelot’s decision to increase its price to £2.50.

To announce the price freeze, took inspiration from the iconic image of Britannia found on the £2 coin and cast Jess Wright to play the role in a Romanic photo shoot., an online lottery-betting provider that allows Brits to bet on and win the same jackpots of 25 lotteries around the world, has pledged to save its customers 50p per line every time they want to bet on the EuroMillions.’s ability to offer Brits the chance to still win the EuroMillions jackpot for 50p less – and save over £100 a year** – is a result of the brand’s regulated betting model, meaning it can create its own prices and innovative features for already established lotteries.

Previous ticket price increases by Camelot have been met negatively – the increase in price of Lotto tickets from £1 to £2 in 2013 saw average sales volumes drop by over 40 per cent*** – and is expecting a similar reaction to the EuroMillions increase this week.

This data is further compounded by recent research by indicating that almost three quarters of Brits (71 per cent) would shop around for alternatives if an item they regularly purchase increased in cost by 25 per cent. The research also went on to highlight that a further one in eight people (13 per cent) would stop buying the item all together.

On’s price freeze and offer for new customers, Jess Wright said: “Why pay more when I can still win the EuroMIllions jackpot for £2? I’ve already had my free bet from Lottoland for this Friday’s jackpot of over £100 million so am already dreaming about what I could buy with all that money! Make sure you check them out to get your free bet on Friday’s massive draw!” CEO, Nigel Birrell, on the price freeze, added: “Now that the price of EuroMillions has gone up, we’re here to let price conscious players know there is an alternative. They can bet on the draw with us and save 50p on what they would pay elsewhere.

“Since day one it’s been our mission to provide more choice and better value for our customers; freezing our EuroMillions prices at £2 is a perfect way of extending customer choice and providing more value. We’ve got 25 of the world’s biggest jackpots, so in addition to EuroMillions, our players can bet on giants such as America’s Powerball – which hit a world record £1.1 billion in January.

“We’re even offering new customers the chance to win Friday’s £109m EuroMillions draw for free so come and give us a go!” launched in the UK in September 2015 and already has already amassed over half a million customers to add to its four million worldwide. As well as EuroMillions, there are 24 other unique lotteries available to bet on including America’s PowerBall and MegaMillions draws, Spain’s world famous Christmas lottery El Gordo and a host of other draws from across Australia and Europe.

The EuroMillions draw, which takes place every Tuesday and Friday, will be a guaranteed £109m on Friday 30th September and, to celebrate the price freeze, is offering new customers the chance to win the enormous jackpot for absolutely nothing, with a free bet on sign up.

With, users bet on the outcome of the lottery rather than ‘play’ but they still stand to win the same jackpot value if their numbers match. Lottery betting is unique in the way users make a bet on official lotteries draws, specifically which numbers will be drawn, rather than buying a ticket through an official lottery operator.

With a number of big jackpot wins already recorded across Europe – including $2m USD on the world-record US PowerBall and €4m on Spain’s Christmas El Gordo lottery – expectation of a big UK win with Lottoland is rising.

For more information, visit and claim your free bet on this Friday’s EuroMillions draw at

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