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Lottoland Committed to Staying in Gibraltar

By 27.06.2016No Comments

Online lottery betting leader reaffirms its alleigance to ‘The Rock’ in the wake of UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Lottoland have responded to Friday’s BREXIT by emphatically declaring their intention to stay in Gibraltar.

The decision to leave the EU came as a blow for the British Overseas Territory, after 96% of voterts in Gibratar came out in favour of the remain camp.

Gibraltar is home to many of the world’s leading e-gaming and sports betting firms and is seen as a worldwide hub for the industry.

Lottoland, who specialise in offerring customers the chance to win the world’s biggest lottery jackpots, arrived in Gibraltar just over 3 years ago and have enjoyed huge success since, attracting nearly 4 million players.

Lottoland CEO, Nigel Birrell, said, “We began operating from Gibraltar in May 2013 and it has been the perfect base for our business, providing an excellent platform for our success.

“Last Friday’s result does not change our firm commitment to staying here.

“We’ve built a strong, cosmopolitan team of talented professionals from around the globe who enjoy working here and we’re actively looking to grow that team.

“Our business is thriving and the benefits of staying in Gibraltar remain very strong indeed.”

Lottoland are based in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village Marina development, employ over 160 staff and are currently recruiting for a wide range of roles.

In just over three years the company has grown to become the world’s largest online lottery betting offering.

Lottoland offer their players the opportunity to bet on the world’s biggest jackpots for the same prizes, including the jackpot. There’s an extensive portfolio of draws available to bet on including EuroMillions, US MegaMillions, US PowerBall, Spain’s El Gordo, 5 draws from Australia, Irish Lotto and a host of other lotteries from across Europe and beyond.