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By 05.10.2017October 24th, 2017No Comments

Online lotto and gaming company expands its portfolio with high jackpot instant win games thanks to innovative “Random & insured Number Generator” (RiNG™)

Lottoland, the world leader in the online lotto-betting sector, has introduced its unique prize insurance model to scratch cards, casino and instant win games – revolutionising the industry, and allowing Lottoland to offer the largest prizes in online gaming.

The Random & insured Number Generator (RiNG) allows customers to win huge jackpots instantly – with the prizes being insured through Lottoland’s trusted and proven insurance infrastructure.

The new technology is already live and the initial suite of high prize games can already be played on our website

  • KeNow Play – with a top prize of €5mn (soon: €10mm)
  • A €10mn new scratchcard – the highest prize for any scratchcard available in Europe.

This is just the start, over the next twelve months we will be introducing many more instant win games of various game formats with prizes up to €100mn and further scratchcards with top prizes of €2.5mn, €5mn, and €7.5mn. The games will be available across multiple Lottoland markets, and also for Lottoland’s B2B and B2G customers through Lottoland Solutions and its partners Glück Games and Gamevy. RiNG is also open to third party game/casino operators who wish to build high prize/jackpot games and have them insured through Lottoland.

The in-house developed, proprietary RiNG-technology is based on a new landmark combination of existing and new technologies:

  • A hardware RNG “Quantis Appliance” is used to deliver true quantum randomness.
  • Two instances are installed for redundancy and failover.
  • The certified RiNG application itself is built on the base of a future driven technology stack.
  • Most importantly, the technology runs in a multi-layer secured and protected environment with a trusted time-stamping mechanism to guarantee tamper-proof results.

The combination of the above allows any instant win game prizes/jackpots to be underwritten by Lottoland’s prize insurance, at the centre of which its Insurance Linked Security (ILS) stands. Consequently, there is no need anymore for jackpots to be fed through customer’s’ contribution as they can simply be seeded by the insurance – the same way Lottoland has solved the jackpot liquidity problem in lotto betting, it is now doing the same to the instant win game and casino sector.

Lottoland’s CEO Nigel Birrell said, “Leading betting operators already work with Lottoland Solutions to provide lotto betting services to their players. Now, all private and state operators offering casino-style, instant win and scratchcard gaming can work with us. We look forward to sharing this breakthrough combination of technology and insurance. It will enable the instant win gaming and younger generation lottery players to get access to high jackpot instant win games, whilst operators can freely decide which prizes they want to offer – we will provide the insurance”.