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Record €14 Million Lottery Jackpot Paid Out Through Lottoland Insurance Linked Securities (ILS)

By 09.05.2016No Comments

The First EU Regulated ILS Payment Ever Completed For A Lotto Betting Company.

Online lottery betting site Lottoland are delighted to announce they have had a record €14 million jackpot winner.

The winner, Michael, from Dresden, Germany, hit the top prize after betting on the outcome of the popular 6aus49 draw.

Michael joins a growing number of Lottoland millionaires. On January 13th a Lottoland player won $2m USD after hitting the second prize tier on America’s world record-breaking PowerBall. Just a month prior to that another Lottoland player won €4m after betting on Spain’s annual Christmas El Gordo draw.

Lottoland ILS

 In April 2015 Lottoland became the first company to capitalise on the Gibraltar government’s recently introduced financial services framework for Insurance-Linked Securities by arranging a €100 million transaction. Lottoland holds the only EU-regulated ILS for lottery. ILS is normally a scheme adopted by insurance companies to protect against events such as earthquakes.

In this instance the ILS product provides protection to Lottoland against large Jackpot pay outs, giving their players access to the largest lottery jackpots in the world.

The €14 Million Jackpot payout is the first time the ILS has been utilised in the market, delivering the protection to Lottoland and a guarantee to its customers that big jackpot wins will be paid. This ILS solution is available to other gaming operators through Lottoland Solutions, making lottery an attractive, low risk and commercially sound addition to any gaming portfolio.

Capitalise on our success

In just over two years Lottoland’s B2C operation has grown to become the world’s largest and most dynamic online lottery betting offering, with more than 3 million registered customers and 9-digit revenues in 2015.

Lottoland is growing at an unprecedented rate, with January’s world-record PowerBall jackpot attracting a staggering 450,000 new customers in 48 hours alone.

In the past year Lottoland has undergone successful launches in the UK, Sweden and Australia. These new territories are in addition to those in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe.

Lottery Betting Solution

Lottoland Solutions are able to offer 28 unique lottery markets, including EuroMillions and America’s massive PowerBall and MegaMillions. There’s also the famous Spanish ‘El Gordo’, all five Australian draws, and a host of other attractive draws from across Europe, including Irish Lotto and EuroJackpot.

By capitalising on Lottoland Solutions unique offering this is exactly what you will be able to offer your customers, safe in the knowledge that all potential jackpot pay outs are fully protected.

Lottoland Solutions offers margins unheard of in the gambling industry, with 20%, 30% and even over 50% achievable.

Those figures have created an outstanding market response, with Lottoland Solutions VP, Glen Bullen revealing that contracts are being finalised and announcements are expected in Q2.

Glen said, “We have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response from the market.

“Companies are keen to extend their product offering and are contacting Lottoland Solutions to capitalise on our low risk, high reward solution.

“We are the only company in the market offering a proven business model, as demonstrated through the success of our B2C company Lottoland, and the first and only EU Regulated ILS in the lotto betting marketplace.

“We look forward to making further announcements on key partnerships in the near future.”