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Lottoland UK now offering multiple £1M prizes for every £1 bet

with new Lotto x5

Can your lotto do that? Lottoland can!


Lotto x5 (pronounced “Lotto five”) is a brand new UK lotto betting game that offers players five chances to win £1 million for £1.

Based on the much loved original ‘Lotto’ format, and back to the original cost, this is the only place that lotto fans can be in with a chance to win a million pounds with a one pound bet.

Players choose from six numbers from 1 to 59 and are entered into a multi-prize draw, of five £1 million jackpot draws.

On creating Lotto x5, Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell said: “Lottoland understand the huge lottery fandom here in the UK and we recognised that in order to stand out, we have to make sure that we offer more.”

“That’s what has inspired Lotto x5 – to make our games as compelling as possible, we’ve been asking UK lottery players what they really, really want from their lottery games, so that we could develop the best UK game for UK consumers.

This game takes us back to a time when £1 a play was the norm – something a lot of people miss – but instead of rollovers, we are giving even more chances to be a Millionaire in the same draw.”

Draws for Lotto x5 take place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, meaning that UK lotto  players can be in with upto 15 chances to win a million pound prize with just a £3 bet every week (£1 for each day).

Nigel continued: “We recently asked UK lottery players what they really wanted* and ‘to be a millionaire by next year’ was naturally the most common response, so we’re answering that call in earnest and letting customers fall back in love with lotto with 5 chances to do just that with every £1 bet!”

Lotto x5 launched earlier this week with the strapline “Can your lotto do that? Lottoland can.”

Nigel added: “Lottoland is built on the promise of giving consumers more. Whatever their ‘more’ happens to be… More value. More choice. More chances. More jackpots. More playfulness. And we’re looking forward to creating more UK millionaires with Lotto x5”

To find out more about Lotto x5, visit

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