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The lotto betting operator is on a pathway to becoming net zero by 2040

Online lotto betting operator, Lottoland, has reported a 25 tonne drop in its carbon emissions for the year as part of its plans to reach net zero by 2040.

The operator, which was the first in its industry to achieve carbon neutral status and also first to sign The Climate Pledge in 2019, has been working with Tunley Engineering, a global climate reduction consultancy, in order to take the necessary steps in measuring, reporting, and offsetting its carbon footprint.

Nigel Birrell, Group CEO at Lottoland said: “We’re incredibly proud to have made further reductions in our carbon use at Lottoland this last year, and to have been certified as carbon neutral for three years running.

“We’re committed to being socially and environmentally responsible not just for our customers but for our employees too, and it’s been fantastic to see so many of the Lottoland team taking consideration with their energy use and helping us work towards our environmental goals as an organisation. It’s been a real team effort, and huge thanks must go to Tunley as well for helping us find alternative ways of working.

“As a global business, we have historically been required to travel a lot in order to keep up relationships between our international teams, however with the progress made in recent years with virtual conferencing and remote working technologies, we’ve been able to make significant changes in this area as well as with our electricity usage in-office. With the help of Tunley and the dedication of our team, we hope to continue reducing this as we work towards our net zero carbon goals.”

Through its environmental work over the past four years, Lottoland has invested in many tree-related offsets, such as planting new trees or protecting existing forests. This is achieved through the Lottoland Foundation and offered to customers as an option when using the website.

This March, Tunley Engineering provided a Carbon Assessment that allowed Lottoland to fully comprehend and visualise its carbon footprint in annual tonnes of Carbon Equivalence.*

In its first year of carbon emissions reporting (2019), Lottoland identified emissions of 140.19 tonnes CO2e per annum.

However, over the past four years Lottoland has been committed to offsetting its carbon usage by various means and has reduced its emissions to 108.5 tCO2e for the year in 2023. This is reduced significantly from 133.12 tCO2e for 2022.

The progress made in recent years is part of a larger a road map implemented by the betting operator that will help it achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Changes include reducing business travel and carrying out more virtual meetings, adopting water saving devices, such as dual flush toilets that will reduce usage by 20%, and introducing energy saving technologies in-office, including LED lighting and smart meters for electricity use.

On the business-wide changes that are being rolled out, Nigel added: “By implementing the emission reduction initiatives that have been suggested for us to consider going forward, Lottoland will be able to reduce its emissions by 46% by 2030, which is something we’re all striving for as the next step in our goal to net zero. A huge well done to all of the team on the achievements made this year, we hope this is just the beginning.”

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