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By 06.07.2016July 17th, 2017No Comments
  • Jackpot currently six times bigger than highest recorded UK Lotto jackpot (£66.1 million) and over twice as big as the record Euromillions (£161.7 million) jackpot
  • Third-highest jackpot in Mega Millions history up for grabs to UK residents through online lottery betting leader, Lottoland


Mega Millions, one of America’s largest lotteries, rolled over last night to record the third-highest jackpot in its history with a total prize value of £391 million ($508 million USD).

The jackpot has rolled over 34 times since March 11th 2016 to become the 7th highest in US history and online lottery betting leader, Lottoland, is the only place in the UK where you can stand a chance of winning a life-changing jackpot of the same value.

With previous Mega Millions jackpots rising to $648 and $656 million as well as the Powerball jackpot, America’s other largest lottery, reaching a monstrous $1.6 billion back in January, there is still room for the jackpot to swell even more should it continue to rollover.

Lottoland allows UK residents to bet on the outcome of the world’s biggest and best lotteries – with the chance to win jackpots of the same value. As well as Mega Millions, there are a further 28 lotteries available to choose from, including the likes of EuroMillions, US PowerBall, Spain’s El Gordo and a host of others from across Australia and Europe.

Lottoland CEO, Nigel Birrell, commented on the rising Mega Millions jackpot, saying: “The US lotteries are known around the world for offering the largest jackpots for winners – something people in the UK have historically watched unfold with envy.

“But now people from across the UK also stand a chance of winning equally huge jackpots thanks to Lottoland. We allow players to bet on the outcome of the numbers drawn so if yours match up, we’ll pay you the equivalent jackpot value. As the Mega Millions jackpot continues to grow, we continue to offer the same jackpot prizes so people in the UK can finally get involved – and win even bigger jackpots.”

Lottoland has nearly four million customers worldwide with its numbers in the UK growing rapidly as players look to benefit from the large jackpots on offer. With a number of big jackpot wins already recorded across Europe – including $2m USD on the world-record US PowerBall and €4m on Spain’s Christmas El Gordo lottery – expectation of a big UK win is rising.

The Mega Millions draw takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at 11pm on Tuesday and Friday evenings, which equates to approximately 4am on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in the UK.

For more information on Lottoland, visit and bet on Mega Millions for this Friday’s draw at Have your say on social media as well as staying up to date on upcoming jackpots by following @LottolandUK and on Facebook